About Us

Moving Forward

ESL Vision has a growing team that puts customers and innovation at the forefront of our mission. As we continue to expand our services and product solutions, first-rate customer service will always be our top priority.


ESL Vision joins the National Electrical Manufacturers Representatives Association.

Showroom on Wheels

ESL Vision retrofits its first van to showcase the growing line of products.

Expanding Again

After two short years, ESL Vision has grown rapidly and moved to its third warehouse in Salt Lake City.


ESL Vision joins the National Association of Electrical Distributors (NAED)


Development and patenting of the Ti Tube; an external driver tube that can be utilized as either a tube or a retrofit kit.

Standing Out

Mike and Jeff made practical design changes to ease the installation of fixtures and retrofits to differentiate ESL Vision from the competition. They also assisted the end-users to capitalize on state utility rebates; demonstrating the practicality and longevity of using LED lighting.

Moving Again

Although a 3-year lease was signed on the first warehouse, ESL Vision rapidly outgrew the space and moved into its second warehouse space in only a year’s time.


Patent obtained for the Bullet Light

Hitting the Books

Mike and Jeff dove right in, researching more about the industry by talking to electricians, end-users, and engineers. Learning about the unique needs of each, they were able to supply products for niche applications and solve specific problems that were often overlooked by the industry.

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