ESL Vision Launches New Technology That Disrupts the Lighting Industry

ESL Vision reveals innovative, one-touch "TAP" technology, dramatically decreasing SKU count for distributors and providing never-before-seen unlimited flexibility to lighting fixtures while still packaged and unpowered.

SALT LAKE CITYJuly 9, 2020 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ — ESL Vision is pleased to introduce the new Spectrum Series, a line of wirelessly controlled lighting fixtures that are both wattage-adjustable and kelvin-tunable prior to shipping—all while remaining packaged and unpowered. This new patent-pending “TAP” technology enables distributors to significantly reduce SKUs and storage costs, increase product offerings and capture lost revenue.

ESL Vision is also introducing the Spectrum Smartphone App. This app allows users to easily manage the kelvins and wattage of fixtures post-install and adjust between thousands of specifications with a single touch. The app eliminates the need for manual dip switches and grouping, streamlining the entire production process from manufacturing to post-install.


“We’re so excited about the launch of this new series,” said Michael Gleeson, cofounder of ESL Vision. “Not only does this novel technology bring distributor SKU count down to one, but the Spectrum Series is priced extremely competitively, directly comparable to less capable products in the market. This is going to change everything.”

“Stocking the Spectrum Series allows us to reduce SKUs while providing more solutions,” said Geoff Calhoun, president at House Electric. “The TAP technology allows us to free up warehouse space, lower our overhead, increase our inventory turns and always have what our contractors need in stock.”

For more information on ESL Vision and the new Spectrum Series, which is now available nationwide, visit

About ESL Vision
Founded on the principles of efficiency, quality and customer satisfaction, ESL Vision constantly works to deliver LED lighting products and systems that surpass today’s industry standards while constantly innovating for tomorrow’s demands. Combining years of solid-state lighting design experience and a unique, patented installation approach, ESL Vision manufactures a complete line of innovative and efficient LED lighting solutions for virtually any retrofit, replacement or new lighting project. ESL Vision’s products save time and money by eliminating many of the hassles of installation, reducing energy costs and qualifying end users for various utility company rebates and incentives. For more information, visit

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