ESL Vision is the global leader in retrofit solutions. We understand that sometimes you want to maintain a certain aesthetic, or you need to upgrade a fixture that is in a hard to replace location. The ESL Vision retrofit family provides not only the ability to upgrade a fixture but solutions for easy mounting, capabilities of adding both single and network-controlled sensors all with the understanding that projects need to meet budgets.

Maintain the aesthetics of existing fixtures while providing new, energy-efficient LED lighting. The MUR Series can retrofit street lights, area lights, high bays, low bays, garage lights, shoebox fixtures, and wall packs.

The Ti LED Plate Retrofit Kits quickly upgrade existing fixtures to LED lighting without the need to access the ceiling plenum. Installation is very fast with no rewiring is necessary.  It also isn’t necessary to use the tombstones because of the Quick Connect Technology. The Ti strip retrofit kits come packed with options including emergency backup and daylight and occupancy sensors.

Ti strip retrofit kits easily install onto existing strips and fixtures without the need for rewiring or the use of tombstones. This universal mounting ensures high compatibility with any existing fixture. 

The Ti LED Retrofit Kits lets you upgrade existing lighting systems to efficient LED lighting. Installation is simple and fast with no need to access the ceiling plenum, and the Ti Series Retrofit Kits don’t require the use of tombstones with magnetic Ti clips.

Ti Vapor Tight Retrofits are premium grade LED retrofits for existing fluorescent vapor tight fixtures. Upgrade existing vapor tight fixtures to LED in under 5 minutes with universal mounting options.

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